About Us

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce is the largest and oldest business organization in Broward County. Established in 1910, the Chamber has a membership base of 1,252 companies that employ more than 500,000 employees. The Chamber is committed to serving the business community and helping promote future economic growth and development in South Florida. To that end, we provide members with a host of networking opportunities. In addition to weekly, monthly and annual events, we currently work with seven "leads groups," which connect businesses and individuals with prospective clients.

The Chamber takes an active role in issues affecting the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, such as sea level rise and coastal resiliency, community-based real estate, regionalism and access to capital. We also take a delegation to Capitol Hill to urge lawmakers to take action on an assortment of action items every two years in our Washington Summit trip.

To learn more about the Chamber, contact our membership team here.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
512 NE 3rd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Deerfield Beach Council: 954.427.1050
Fax: 954.527.9430

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GFLCC Mission

To develop and connect partners for economic growth.

GFLCC Vision

Inspiring prosperity within the business community.

DBC Code of Ethics

We believe in the dignity and goodness of all people. Prejudice has no place in our community. We have the courage and the conviction to affect a positive difference. To be successful everyone must have a chance to succeed. This is our pledge. This is our hope. This is our future.